Small Groups

You, In Community

We do have a traditional service schedule, but Grace is more than a scheduled church services. We are a community of people living together, helping one another, serving our cities along side one another.

Weekly, many people from our weekend services gather in small groups to connect with those far from God,  grow in discipleship and care for one another. We call these Small Groups—and they’re the heart of our church. Small Groups are the only way not to be lost in the crowd. In Small Groups we grow small, as we grow deeper and larger. Three concepts are the overarching theme of our Small Groups: Identity, Body, & Buy-In.



Being made in the image of God means we reflect community.  With the doctrine of the trinity as out template, one God existing in three persons eternal and in perfect community, we understand that as humans, we have a need for community. Thus, reflecting the image of God in our every day lives.

Pain, loneliness and disjointed feelings come as a result of our image of God being marred. This marring places a wedge between God’s intended relationships and the communities where they are developed.  Small Groups intend to redeem community, offering ways to make meaningful connections with others.

The Body


The church is often spoken of as a body. We are all interconnected and dependent on one another. That is the purpose of this body imagery, as the body functions as a unit to survive. Most of us have begun to view the church very differently. For many, church is a check mark on a calendar  of religious obligations.

Grace is more than a scheduled church services. We are a community of people living together. Grace Family Church is not a service but the people who come together to worship on Sundays and then live life together throughout the week. Christians are the primary vehicle for care for others and their communities, growing together to be more like Jesus, and tending to those hurting and broken members of the body. All the while sharing the good news of Jesus.



The responsibilities and duties of the church are not to be relegated to a few pastors and staffers. The full-time calling to make disciples is to every christian. We believe that Buy-In is important for all christians to take ownership of their distinct role in the body of believers. Through Small Groups and service we express our Buy-In.

When we serve the church and God’s people we are owning a piece of the action and through Small Groups we are sharing our life with others. We are passionate about moving the traditional dynamic of church majoring on attendance to a focus on participation. This process leads to real, lasting life-change.

2017 Groups

Small Groups run in three semesters a year. The first beginning in mid to late August and running until early to mid November. The second semester begins in mid to late January and runs until mid May. Our summer sessions vary year to year. Many groups have an almost contunual meeting time through the year.

To join any of the following groups, simply:

  1. Click the JOIN button.
  2. Connect with the group leader.
  3. Show up