At Grace Family Church we believe in outreach through partnership.

Through The Hope Initiative, we work in partnership with non-profit organizations locally, nationally, & globally to feed the hungry, fight homelessness, empower children and families, respond to the needs of people in crisis, rescue victims of injustice, and lead a generation into a greater life of generosity and service. When you give to Grace Family Church, 10% of your giving goes directly to support these partnerships.



White Field Partners is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that supports  transformational development and humanitarian and social justice initiatives in nations where we have viable indigenous partners. We began this work in 2008, but incorporated in September, 2012 to keep pace with expanded opportunities.

We believe that the people who are in the best position to develop and transform a community are the people who live there, the people who understand the situation and whose lives are directly affected. Our role is simply to help in whatever ways we can through relationships with leaders in those communities.



Our mission is to bring love, hope, and opportunity to people and communities in need. This is done through our three Core Values:

Prevent: To prevent crisis, poverty, addiction and/or criminal behavior before it happens.

Reach: To reach out to those in crisis, poverty, addiction and/or criminal behavior.

Develop: To develop those who were in crisis, poverty, addiction, and/or criminal behavior.