Awe capturing wonder

Two timbers intersect at the very linchpin of human history. A selfless act of one man would be the catalyst for the greatest revolution in human history. Sadly, too many believers and non-believers alike are simply unaware of the victory won that day. Two timbers iconize the hallmark of this life-giving gospel. Today we stand at a crossroads, will these two timbers carry the weight of importance that was nailed to them on that faithful day.

Through our series, Among Two Timbers, Pastor Nathan will take you through the mysterious revelation of what the Scripture calls “the foolishness of the cross” and the “scandal” of Jesus’s sacrifice.

Among Two Timbers we look with wonder at the glorious love of God put on display.  Awe capturing wonder fills the heart of all who respond to the wonderment of these two timbers. Take the journey of rediscovering the raw power, regal majesty and unmatched beauty of the cross of Christ. Among Two Timbers your new life takes shape.